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The Best Designer iPad Air Sleeves

Coach iPad Air CaseCoach iPad Air Case (Sutton)

One of the best-looking Coach iPad Air Cases also comes at one of the most decent prices.  Coach’s Sutton sleeve is several shades of grey with the fashion designer’s print across the entire exterior of the case.  The hardware is all silvertone, including the zipper, track, and logo plate.  There is an exterior pocket as well as an interior pocket for holding extra charging cables and other small accessories.  There is also a tag on the zipper itself to make unzipping and zipping much more quick and painless.

Inside, the case is lined with a velvety smooth material that has a glistened dark grey color to it.  The sleeve is padded extremely well and will not only look great holding your iPad Air, but also protect it from most everyday accidents such as drops or placing it in a larger briefcase or travel bag with heavier objects.

Coach’s iPad Air Case is a great complement to your existing ensemble and will definitely turn heads whenever you pull it out.  The craftsmanship is great and the color coordination of it will perfectly accentuate the look and feel of your new iPad Air.  This case will also work for all other iPad tablets.

Here’s the best price we could find for this gorgeous sleeve!

Louis Vuitton iPad Air SleeveLouis Vuitton iPad Air Case

The DAMIER GRAPHITE is an iPad Air case from Louis Vuitton that looks absolutely stunning, and the price matches.  If you’re a collector of LV goods, this sleeve is an excellent pickup to complement your existing leatherware.  This case has a masculine style to it that will actually work well with both male and female styles.  The interior is lined with a very good microfiber lining that will prevent your iPad Air from getting scratched and scuffed up while it’s inside protected.

Louis Vuitton has also designed a small notch into the top of the sleeve that allows for easy access to your tablet, making it so you won’t have to squeeze your fingers into to grab your iPad Air.  The sleeve is also so thin and light that you can easily place it into your handbag or briefcase without it taking too much room.

This case also has very good, somewhat malleable molding throughout the case, giving you very good shock dampening and rigidity so that you know your iPad Air is safe inside.

Along the graphite exterior of this particular style is a checkerboard pattern with Louis Vuitton logos placed tastefully throughout the pattern.  It’s sure to get people wondering what it is that you have.

You can currently buy these directly from Louis Vuitton!

Gucci iPad Air CaseGucci iPad Air Case (Imprime)

Gucci’s iPad Air sleeve is a golden beauty, and it is sure to turn heads whenever you bring it out.  The sleeve includes a strep with a hook-and-loop closure at the top so it stays secure.  The exterior is lined with a champagne gold and Gucci print with extra material on the edges of the case which keep the sleeve in perfect form.  There is a very luxury feel to the exterior that has a very easy-to-grip texture.

The interior is lined with a smooth suede material that keeps your iPad Air from getting blemished while inside.  The darker brown color accentuates the champagne exterior great and there is stitching along the interior perimeter, ensuring that the sleeve is built to outlast your iPad Air.

The strap that holds your iPad Air in securely is a thick leather that shines brilliantly and matches the sleeve very effectively.

There’s a very limited amount of these left in stock, so order yours before they sell out!

Michael Kors iPad Air CaseMichael Kors iPad Air Case (MK Signature)

The Michael Kors iPad Air Sleeve is a great-looking sleeve that utilizes dual zipper hardware and features golden hardware and logoplate.  The case is crafted from a high quality polyvinyl material that is built for longevity and strength.  The interior is heavily padded and will keep your iPad Air safe in the event of a drop or other accident.

The dual zipper hardware is an excellent choice because it allows you to place them wherever you’d like and still have your sleeve closed.

The exterior features the MK Signature pattern which smothers the exterior and is colored to accentuate the golden look to the rest of the case.  On the bottom right corner is a very subtle Michael Kors branding which is a nice touch and something that could possibly go unnoticed by the unsuspecting eye.

These are available in two colors (Vanilla is pictured to the left), and the traditional darker colored variant is also available and on sale as well.

Go check out these cases in both colors today!