The Most Rugged iPad Air Cases

ipadairotterboxOtterBox Defender Series Case

OtterBox arguably makes the best rugged case for the iPad Air, and they have a long, proven track record to back it up.  The Defender Series is an extremely protective case that consists of a silicone skin, a hardened polycarbonate shell, a built-in plastic screen protector, and a front cover that also can be used as a heavy duty stand.

The Defender is crafted in such a way that it negates almost all force from impacts that stem from drops and falls.  The silicone is great at absorbing the shock and dissipating it safely, preventing your screen from cracking or shattering.  While not completely waterproof, the case does a great job of prevent splashes and rain from getting to your tablet.

The screen protector is built into the case itself, not the adhesive type that needs to be stuck on.  This gives you much more heavy duty protection for your gorgeous 9.7″ Retina display.

When you’re in transit with your iPad Air, the included stand also serves as a cover that completely encases your tablet into a nearly impenetrable shell that even adds extra support to the four corners of your device, which is excellent because most screen damage occurs from the corners of the housing.

The Defender Series OtterBox for the iPad Air is available in four different colors directly from OtterBox, including Black/Black, Grey/Green, Grey/Magenta, and White/Grey.

iPad Air Gumdrop Bounce Skin CaseGumdrop Bounce Skin Case

This is one of the most rugged silicone-only cases available for the iPad Air, and while it’s not as rugged as the other available cases, it has extremely adequate protection and adds very minimal bulk which may be preferable to some.  It’s not always necessary to have the most protective case, even though it’s a great option to have.  If you’d prefer to be protected from just drops, or you don’t plan on leaving the house with your iPad too often, the Gumdrop Bounce Skin is a great pickup.  It’s built to withstand impact from drops mainly, and the company has taken steps to ensure that with a very unique design.

The design of the Bounce Skin is designed to almost completely neutralize the force from dropping it, and there’s also an extra layer of protection underneath all of the ridges in the form of air-filled chambers, which give cushioning not offered by many other iPad Air cases on the market today.  All of your components are accessible while within the case as well, so you’ll never even have to take it out to use it to its full capability.

The texture of this case is also great and is actually coated with what the company calls a “No-slip Grip” texture

The Bounce Skin from Gumdrop is currently on sale and available to order in several different colors and styles which you can take a look at today!

Trident Aegis iPad Air CaseTrident Aegis

Trident is one of the more popular case manufacturers, and have made their cases for the top mobile electronics.  The Aegis is one of their most popular cases, and for good reason.  It’s a hybrid solution consisting of a silicone skin and polycarbonate exoskeleton.  It meets military specs as well, specifically MIL-STD-810F which is the designation for both vibration and drop protection.  The Aegis also comes with an optional, adhesive screen protector which you can apply if you’d like to.

The polycarbonate used with the Aegis is bio-enhanced, which means it’s going to hold up well to outside elements such as UV and other normal wear and tear a lot better than basic polycarbonate pieces.  The anti-skid design assists in grip and prevents your iPad Air from sliding off a table or other surface.

The Aegis also incorporates dust filters which prevent dirt and other sorts of grime from getting into your speaker grilles at the bottom of your iPad.  When not in use, there are also silicone plugs that fill up the power and audio ports to prevent much from seeping into them and potentially shorting them out.

Trident Cases are Made in the USA!

The Trident Aegis for the iPad Air is currently marked down for a limited time, so reserve yours today!


5 comments on “The Most Rugged iPad Air Cases

  1. Bee March 26, 2014 10:10 pm

    How can you say these are “the best” cases when NONE are WATER & SNOW PROOF ONTOP OF BEING DIRT AND SHOCK PROOF??? LifeProof is the only case I have found that are all four and I have searched nonstop for “the best” case for my iPad Air and iPhone 5s. Please if you have something better I am all ears.

  2. Bee March 27, 2014 1:46 am

    But it’s not waterproof or snow proof so. LifeProof is plus can take a beating too and you don’t have to add on so much plastic almost doubling the size of item, especially adding a second case you “turn it upside down then snap it into. Basically Otterbox is two cases instead of one.

    • Josh March 27, 2014 1:57 am

      At the time I originally wrote these reviews the LifeProof was not yet available :) But now that you told me about it, it looks awesome and I will try to get one and see what I think. I love LifeProof, as I’ve owned two for my iPhone 4 and 5s.

      I will try out both of them at my Best Buy if they have them and let you know what I think!

      • Bee March 27, 2014 2:12 am

        I hope you like it. I thought it was pretty cool that they ask you to do a 30 minute submerged water test (Without device in it) when you first get it to make sure it is 100%. I read a report that most cell phones and tablets are damaged within the home by liquids being spilled on them or dropped in water. With little ones and even adults, I don’t have to sorry about that. I bought Otterbox for iPhone then bought LifeProof for it and have no regrets. Even got LifeProof Solar charger that is protected all four ways too.

  3. Jodo November 19, 2014 9:08 pm

    I have purchased 5 screens all with the ” protection ” of the otter box defender. Worthless.

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