The Best iPad Air Screen Protectors

iPad Air invisibleSHIELDZAGG invisibleSHIELD

The iPad Air invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG is the top-of-the-line screen protectors, coming in three different options including Original protection, Smudge Proof protection, and High Definition protection.  Each variant has its own advantages which will ultimately keep your Retina display scratch-free and protected.  The invisibleSHIELD is one of the best because it’s made from a military grade film that’s also used to line helicopter blades.  It has healing properties that gradually fade away scratches that may occur on the surface of your protector.  Unlike other screen protectors, the film is extremely flexible and nearly indestructible.

The Original protection is the basic offering from ZAGG, which doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary besides protect your screen.  It’s easy to install and ZAGG has included a detailed guide and squeegee to assist in the installation process.

The Smudge Proof invisibleSHIELD for the iPad Air is covered with an oleophobic coating which helps prevent smudging and fingerprints from making your screen look nasty.  The film itself is identical to the Original invisibleSHIELD, so the protection is just as great with no trade-offs except it costs a little bit more.

The High Definition invisibleSHIELD has an enhanced surface using the Original invisibleSHIELD film.  The new surface allows for even better clarity so that colors are just as vivid and the brightness remains at non-protected levels.  The surface of this variant is also as smooth as glass, which will make sliding your fingers across your iPad Air nearly effortless.

ZAGG also offers a lifetime warranty on their invisibleSHIELDs!

You can pick your iPad Air invisibleSHIELD out and get it ordered directly from ZAGG!

SPIGEN GLAS.t iPad Air Glass Screen ProtectorSPIGEN GLAS.t Glass Screen Protector

The absolute best quality screen protector for the iPad Air is from SPIGEN, and instead of using a film, it’s made from actual tempered glass.  The main advantage of such a screen protector is that it feels exactly like the bare screen of your iPad Air so there is little to no friction when gliding your finger across the surface.  Since it’s made of glass, it also shares the same scratch resistance properties of real glass, being rated at up to a 9H hardness level on a scale of 10.  The GLAS.t also has an oleophobic coating which all but eliminates nasty smudging and finger grease from collecting on your screen and hurting visibility.

Installation of the GLAS.t is extremely easy, and much easier than a traditional screen protector because it’s solid and rigid.  The protector covers the entire front face of your iPad Air, including the bezels.  There is a circle cutout over the Home button of your tablet so you can still use it hassle-free.  It’s extremely rare that the glass breaks, but in the vent that it does, it’s shatter-resistant so there won’t be shards of glass to pick up or cause a danger to you or those in your household.

The visibility offered by this protector is just as good as no protector because of the glass.  This allows maximum brightness to shine through without any dulling that’s sometimes prevalent on other screen protectors.

There are currently a limited number of these available, so get your order in today!

iSmooth iPad Air Screen ProtectoriSmooth Screen Protector (2 Pack)

If you’re just looking for a basic screen protector for your iPad Air and don’t wish to break the bank, the iSmooth is the best low-cost option available today.  It’s not made from any fancy film, but it is definitely the best traditional screen protection you can get.  There’s a lot of properties to this protector that make it the best in its class, including an extremely simple installation, great customer service and warranty, included dust removal stickers, a microfiber cloth, and high quality Japanese PET film for excellent visibility and longevity.

It’s important to note that this package contains two screen protectors, so if you’re ever needing a replacement for whatever reason, you’ll have a backup screen protector ready to go.

The film is great because it’s one of the best at keeping bubbles from forming and also preventing rainbow effects from occurring, which you’ve probably seen with some low quality film.  If your iSmooth gets damaged or bubbles form, the company will gladly replace the film for you which is awesome and should take away a lot of the stress of putting these on yourself.

There are currently two variants of iSmooth available, the Ultra Premium HD edition and the Matte edition.  While the clarity of your screen and brightness will be best with the former, the Matte edition gives a softer textured finish that resists fingerprints and smudges.

These are currently on a huge sale and we’re not sure how long it’ll last, so check these out before it’s too late

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