The Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Belkin QODE iPad Air Keyboard Case

Belkin QODE

The Belkin QODE is by far one of the best, if not the best iPad Air Keyboard Cases currently available.  Belkin makes great accessories and they bring the heat when it comes to Apple’s iPad accessories.  The QODE puts the style and typing experience ahead of everything else, and they spare no expense when it comes to materials used.  The QODE is created using aircraft-grade aluminum for the chassis which creates and extremely thin and light keyboard case.  The rechargeable battery is rated at 280mAh which is good for 1,900 hours of active battery life or 4,300 hours of standby time.  High quality neodymium magnets hold your iPad Air securely in a variety of angles when in use and when its closed and you’re on the go.

When you don’t want to use the keyboard, the QODE easily folds back and allows you to use your iPad Air as a traditional tablet with adequate protection on the rear of your tablet.  When using the QODE as a case, the iPad Air’s screen will go to sleep and wake back up upon shutting and opening the front cover thanks to the autowaking magnets.

Charging this case is as simple as plugging in the included Micro USB cable.

The keyboard on the QODE connects to your iPad Air via Bluetooth, so there’s no need to take up the lightning port which can instead be used for charging your tablet while in use, giving you unlimited power (as long as you pay your power bill).

It’s no surprise to see the Belkin QODE rated the best iPad Air Keyboard Case by PCMag, as the quality, style, and typing experience speaks for itself.

The good news is that you can order the Belkin QODE today with free shipping here for a limited time!


Logitech Fabricskin iPad Air Keyboard CaseLogitech FabricSkin

Logitech makes some of the best keyboards and computer peripherals, and they have brought their craftiness to the iPad Air in the form of the Fabric Skin iPad Air Keyboard Case.  Unlike other cases which use aluminum alloys, polycarbonate, or leather and leather-like materials, the FabricSkin uses an extremely light and durable fabric material that makes it one of the most lightest keyboard cases out.  The FabricSkin is water-repellant, which will protect your iPad Air from rain and splashes but that doesn’t mean you can submerge it, so be careful.  If you spill your drink on the keyboard, then the keys will be fine because of how they’re designed into the material itself.  The stand on this case supports two angles and folds around the back of your iPad Air as well, allowing for traditional all-touchscreen tablet use while still protecting your investment.

Logitech utilizes a SecureLock system which keeps your iPad firmly fastened to the frame, and high-powered magnets keep the folio closed when you’re in transit.  The front cover also has auto-waking magnets to put your Air’s screen to sleep and wake it back up upon closing and opening the cover.

If you’re looking for something extremely low-profile and unique, the FabricSkin is probably the best iPad Air keyboard case for both of those options.

You can currently get your Logitech FabricSkin ordered today and have it in no time!


ZAGGkeys iPad Air Keyboard CaseZAGGkeys Backlit Keyboard Case

There are two killer features on the ZAGGkeys iPad Air Keyboard Case that make it one of the best options currently available.  The first feature is how the hinge works, which supports several angles similar to that of a laptop display.  The unique hinge that ZAGG utilizes on this case is completely resistive along the whole axis on which it moves, exactly like how a laptop screen can be adjusted.  A lot of other keyboard cases utilize a stand which supports a very limited amount of angles, but the ZAGGkeys does not work in that fashion which is very unique and preferable.  The second killer feature is the customizable backlit keys.  Backlit keys are great in themselves, but with this case you can choose several different colors to give your setup your own unique look.  To accommodate the keys, ZAGG has also loaded a very powerful battery, rated at 980mAh which can withstand the extra power draw.  The rechargeable battery is good for 3 months of use before it needs a charge via the included Micro USB cable.

The keyboard itself isn’t half-bad either, offering 30% more typing space than most of the competition.  If you’ve used some smaller keyboard cases before, you know it can get annoying having cramped space for typing.  ZAGG has recognized this and designed their keys to give a comfortable, easy-to-adapt-to typing experience.

If you want the closest experience to a laptop for your iPad Air, the ZAGGkeys Keyboard Case is definitely the best option out.

You can order yours today directly from ZAGG.

One comment on “The Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases

  1. Anup March 8, 2014 10:15 am

    Despite being expensive, I ordered Belkin’s QODE case for my iPad Air, and also immediately had it returned back to amazon. It simply didn’t fit perfectly with my iPad Air. I’m not sure if it’s just in my case or all the Belkin’s case has this problem.

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