The Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Belkin QODE iPad Air Keyboard Case

Belkin QODE

The Belkin QODE is by far one of the best, if not the best iPad Air Keyboard Cases currently available.  Belkin makes great accessories and they bring the heat when it comes to Apple’s iPad accessories.  The QODE puts the style and typing experience ahead of everything else, and they spare no expense when it comes to materials used.  The QODE is created using aircraft-grade aluminum for the chassis which creates and extremely thin and light keyboard case.  The rechargeable battery is rated at 280mAh which is good for 1,900 hours of active battery life or 4,300 hours of standby time.  High quality neodymium magnets hold your iPad Air securely in a variety of angles when in use and when its closed and you’re on the go.

When you don’t want to use the keyboard, the QODE easily folds back and allows you to use your iPad Air as a traditional tablet with adequate protection on the rear of your tablet.  When using the QODE as a case, the iPad Air’s screen will go to sleep and wake back up upon shutting and opening the front cover thanks to the autowaking magnets.

Charging this case is as simple as plugging in the included Micro USB cable.

The keyboard on the QODE connects to your iPad Air via Bluetooth, so there’s no need to take up the lightning port which can instead be used for charging your tablet while in use, giving you unlimited power (as long as you pay your power bill).

It’s no surprise to see the Belkin QODE rated the best iPad Air Keyboard Case by PCMag, as the quality, style, and typing experience speaks for itself.

The good news is that you can order the Belkin QODE today with free shipping here for a limited time!


Logitech Fabricskin iPad Air Keyboard CaseLogitech FabricSkin

Logitech makes some of the best keyboards and computer peripherals, and they have brought their craftiness to the iPad Air in the form of the Fabric Skin iPad Air Keyboard Case.  Unlike other cases which use aluminum alloys, polycarbonate, or leather and leather-like materials, the FabricSkin uses an extremely light and durable fabric material that makes it one of the most lightest keyboard cases out.  The FabricSkin is water-repellant, which will protect your iPad Air from rain and splashes but that doesn’t mean you can submerge it, so be careful.  If you spill your drink on the keyboard, then the keys will be fine because of how they’re designed into the material itself.  The stand on this case supports two angles and folds around the back of your iPad Air as well, allowing for traditional all-touchscreen tablet use while still protecting your investment.

Logitech utilizes a SecureLock system which keeps your iPad firmly fastened to the frame, and high-powered magnets keep the folio closed when you’re in transit.  The front cover also has auto-waking magnets to put your Air’s screen to sleep and wake it back up upon closing and opening the cover.

If you’re looking for something extremely low-profile and unique, the FabricSkin is probably the best iPad Air keyboard case for both of those options.

You can currently get your Logitech FabricSkin ordered today and have it in no time!


ZAGGkeys iPad Air Keyboard CaseZAGGkeys Backlit Keyboard Case

There are two killer features on the ZAGGkeys iPad Air Keyboard Case that make it one of the best options currently available.  The first feature is how the hinge works, which supports several angles similar to that of a laptop display.  The unique hinge that ZAGG utilizes on this case is completely resistive along the whole axis on which it moves, exactly like how a laptop screen can be adjusted.  A lot of other keyboard cases utilize a stand which supports a very limited amount of angles, but the ZAGGkeys does not work in that fashion which is very unique and preferable.  The second killer feature is the customizable backlit keys.  Backlit keys are great in themselves, but with this case you can choose several different colors to give your setup your own unique look.  To accommodate the keys, ZAGG has also loaded a very powerful battery, rated at 980mAh which can withstand the extra power draw.  The rechargeable battery is good for 3 months of use before it needs a charge via the included Micro USB cable.

The keyboard itself isn’t half-bad either, offering 30% more typing space than most of the competition.  If you’ve used some smaller keyboard cases before, you know it can get annoying having cramped space for typing.  ZAGG has recognized this and designed their keys to give a comfortable, easy-to-adapt-to typing experience.

If you want the closest experience to a laptop for your iPad Air, the ZAGGkeys Keyboard Case is definitely the best option out.

You can order yours today directly from ZAGG.

iPad Air OtterBox Defender Case Review

iPad Air OtterBox DefenderIf you’re looking for the absolute most rugged iPad Air Case there is, look no further than the OtterBox Defender series.  This case has the ability to protect your iPad Air from the most extreme conditions and the most violent displays of abuse.  While we felt that it did add a lot of bulk to an otherwise very thin and light iPad Air, it is absolutely worth it if you plan on bringing your iPad into the treacherous world.


The Defender Series OtterBox is loaded with great features that do more than just protect, they add much appreciated functionality.  Starting with the makeup of the OtterBox, it consists of a hardened polycarbonate shell that snaps together, enclosing your iPad Air safely within.  There are soft bumpers installed throughout the interior of this polycarbonate “cage” that prevent your iPad from getting scuffed up and scratched up while it’s inside, and also keeps it from jiggling and wiggling around while you’re moving it around and carrying it places.  Next, there’s a very thick, rugged skin that fits around the shell.  This is either made from TPU or TPE, but we couldn’t tell.  It’s very solid and not floppy at all, and fits around the case perfectly.  There are little notches throughout the polycarbonate that the skin grabs onto to make sure it doesn’t just flop off randomly.  Attached to the front polycarbonate shell half is a built-in screen protector that’s made from a thin piece of plastic.  This isn’t an adhesive screen protector at all, and it’s sealed to the actual case so water and other liquids won’t be able to seep in.

iPad Air OtterBox Defender StandThe Defender also comes with this stand that also acts as a front shield that will completely encapsulate your iPad Air when you’re not using it.  It comes off easily and allows you to use it as a stand so you won’t be awkwardly wondering what to do with it when you’re sitting at your desk or table.


As we’ve stated numerous times, the protection on this thing is phenomenal.  Not only does the shell protect well, but when combined with the soft skin, your iPad is nearly invincible.  It’s not waterproof, but there are little plugs that keep dirt and liquid out of your ports when you’re not using them.  Dropping your iPad Air in this case will very rarely cause any sort of harm whatsoever because of how the skin absorbs most of the impact and dissipates it.  And that’s before the shock even makes it to the polycarbonate shell.  The little tiny bumpers inside the shell also absorb a little bit of shock and prevent the iPad from getting scuffed while getting jostled around inside.


The OtterBox Defender is not only the most rugged case, it also allows the most customization.  You can change the color of four different components on this case including the skin, shell, and shield.  Here are the color option they give you on the official site:

Skin Colors

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Blue

Shell Colors

  • Black
  • Teal
  • White
  • Green

Shield Colors

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Blue

Overall (5/5)

This is an absolutely awesome case, and the only downside is the size.  If you want the absolute best protection for your new iPad Air and don’t mind the extra bulk, this is a great pickup.

You can customize this case several different ways on OtterBox’s official site!

SUPCASE Beetle Defense Case Review

SUPCASE Beetle Defense Series iPad Air CaseAs tablets become more and more popular, more and more case manufacturers will be bringing a wider variety of cases to market.  There are many iPad Air accessories to choose from, but if you want to make sure your tablet lasts for a very long time, a rugged case is a very good option.  While some options are rather expensive, SUPCASE has introduced a very affordable rugged iPad Air case that works just as well, if not better, than most of the competition.  The Defense Series case from the company offers a very protective solution for your new tablet, and here’s what we think about it.

Basic Rundown of Features

The Beetle Defense iPad Air case is comprised of two main components: very high grade polycarbonate for the outer shell, and a thick thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inner core.  There is also a built-in plastic screen protector which gives all around protection.  It’s available in Black and White and retails for almost half of what the OtterBox Defender Series equivalent sells for.

Protection Qualities

We found that the TPU inner core and polycarbonate shell work extremely well together.  The iPad Air is held in place extremely securely when inside, but there is a considerable amount of thickness added.  During the drop test, the polycarbonate did scratch up quite a bit, but this is to be expected.  The iPad Air sustained no damage from 3 and 6 foot drops, which is excellent for a tablet because of the increase weight.

SUPCASE Beetle Defense Series iPad Air Case

We found the protective grommets to be rather effective and very easy to put back in place.  There are grommets that fit into all of the ports easily, and there’s also a silicone flap that fits over the Home button as well.

The built-in screen protector did a very good job of resisting scratches, but is still scratch-able.  It definitely protected the screen, but after awhile we can see the blemishes and scratches clouding the screen when inside the case.  Fortunately, you can actually kind of rip the built-in screen protector out if you ever wanted to.  Just punch it through with the iPad Air out of the case and you can see it’s kind of held in with a hot glue that will detach the screen with enough deliberate pressure.  This would never happen with the iPad Air in the case, so worry not.

SUPCASE Beetle Defense Series iPad Air Case

Overall Feel

The iPad Air is a very thin tablet, so the thickness of the SUPCASE Beetle nearly transforms the entire feel of the tablet.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is kind of hard to use the touchscreen around the borders because of the case, but this is to be expected.  There’s also a little “gapping” with the touch screen when pressing, but this is usually the same across all cases with the built-in protectors.  The Home button feels a lot better than we expected with the silicone piece over it though.


This is a very solid case, and if you don’t mind throwing the thinness and lightness of the iPad Air out the window for a very protective case, this is a good choice.  It’s just as good as the OtterBox Defender but a fraction of the price.  The built-in screen protector is the only weak point, but this can be removed at the cost of reducing the overall protection.

Get a SUPCASE Beetle at the lowest price while it’s on sale today!

The Best iPad Air Styluses

Adonit Jot Touch 4 for iPad AirAdonit Jot Touch 4

The Jot Touch 4 is a Bluetooth 4.0 stylus which has a rechargeable battery and is extremely advanced.  This stylus pairs up with your iPad Air to give it much more advanced utility than a typical capacitive stylus.  For one, it has 2,000 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to make thicker lines by forcing down harder.  There’s also a palm rejection feature so you can rest the side of your hand on the touchscreen and the iPad Air will not think you’re trying to draw in that particular area.  There are also shortcut buttons on the side of the Jot Touch 4 which allow you to do things such as change the color of the output, or even undo a mistake.

If you’re looking for the most top of the line iPad Air stylus, look no further than the Adonit Jot Touch 4 which can be had in Gun Metal and Red on Amazon here.

Wacom Bamboo Solo StylusWacom Bamboo Solo Stylus

In terms of basic capacitive styli without all of the bells and whistles, the Bamboo Solo series from Wacom are among the best and they’re also available in a huge variety of colors.  The tip on these styluses are great, and they feel very much like an actual pen so getting used to drawing with them will be a breeze.  The tip of these styli are about 30% smaller than that of the competition, and the body of the Solo is so good that Wacom offers replacement nibs so you won’t have to buy a whole new stylus when they wear out.  The pens are made from an anodized aluminum and there’s even a cap included that will keep your nib protected while in transit.

If you want a basic stylus that will last you quite a while and get the job done for basic drawing needs, the Bamboo Solo is a great pickup!

cosmonautipadairCosmonaut Wide-Grip

The Cosmonaut is definitely one of the more uniquely styled styluses for the iPad Air as it kind of resembles a big, thick crayon.  The nib on this stylus is huge and is incorporated into the stylus itself.  It’s definitely not wimpy.  The makers of the Cosmonaut set out to create a stylus that handled like a dry erase marker, and we can definitely see that because of its thickness.  The thickness of this stylus is designed so that people of all ages can use it accurately, including children and toddlers.

The only downside to this stylus is that nib is not replaceable.  It should last quite a while, but once it finally wears you’ll have to replace the whole stylus, so keep that in mind before making your decision.  For kids though, this is a great stylus and the best for them since little motor skill is required to get a good grip on it.

You can grab one or two of these today, and they’ve also included a carrying cylinder as well!

truglideipadairTruGlide Pro Precision

The TruGlide Pro goes absolutely great with the iPad Air’s screen.  The tip is designed in such a way that it glides extremely well across the glass screen, much more so than the nibs offered by other styli.  The tip is actually a microfiber tip that the company says feels like silk when drawing on your screen.  The stylus is weight and ergonomic, so writing and drawing with it is a pleasure.  The tip is also changeable, so you can either get different styles such as Paintbrush tips, or replace your existing tip when it finally wears out.  Within the realm of styluses within the same niche, it has the smallest tip which means much more accuracy when compared with other leading styluses.

The feel of this stylus is also great, with a brushed metal feel to it that constantly reminds you of its premium quality.  It also resembles a normal pen, with a clip on the top that will let you attach it to an iPad Air case you might have, or a folio or carrying case.

These are currently on sale for a limited time, so go check them out today!

The Most Rugged iPad Air Cases

ipadairotterboxOtterBox Defender Series Case

OtterBox arguably makes the best rugged case for the iPad Air, and they have a long, proven track record to back it up.  The Defender Series is an extremely protective case that consists of a silicone skin, a hardened polycarbonate shell, a built-in plastic screen protector, and a front cover that also can be used as a heavy duty stand.

The Defender is crafted in such a way that it negates almost all force from impacts that stem from drops and falls.  The silicone is great at absorbing the shock and dissipating it safely, preventing your screen from cracking or shattering.  While not completely waterproof, the case does a great job of prevent splashes and rain from getting to your tablet.

The screen protector is built into the case itself, not the adhesive type that needs to be stuck on.  This gives you much more heavy duty protection for your gorgeous 9.7″ Retina display.

When you’re in transit with your iPad Air, the included stand also serves as a cover that completely encases your tablet into a nearly impenetrable shell that even adds extra support to the four corners of your device, which is excellent because most screen damage occurs from the corners of the housing.

The Defender Series OtterBox for the iPad Air is available in four different colors directly from OtterBox, including Black/Black, Grey/Green, Grey/Magenta, and White/Grey.

iPad Air Gumdrop Bounce Skin CaseGumdrop Bounce Skin Case

This is one of the most rugged silicone-only cases available for the iPad Air, and while it’s not as rugged as the other available cases, it has extremely adequate protection and adds very minimal bulk which may be preferable to some.  It’s not always necessary to have the most protective case, even though it’s a great option to have.  If you’d prefer to be protected from just drops, or you don’t plan on leaving the house with your iPad too often, the Gumdrop Bounce Skin is a great pickup.  It’s built to withstand impact from drops mainly, and the company has taken steps to ensure that with a very unique design.

The design of the Bounce Skin is designed to almost completely neutralize the force from dropping it, and there’s also an extra layer of protection underneath all of the ridges in the form of air-filled chambers, which give cushioning not offered by many other iPad Air cases on the market today.  All of your components are accessible while within the case as well, so you’ll never even have to take it out to use it to its full capability.

The texture of this case is also great and is actually coated with what the company calls a “No-slip Grip” texture

The Bounce Skin from Gumdrop is currently on sale and available to order in several different colors and styles which you can take a look at today!

Trident Aegis iPad Air CaseTrident Aegis

Trident is one of the more popular case manufacturers, and have made their cases for the top mobile electronics.  The Aegis is one of their most popular cases, and for good reason.  It’s a hybrid solution consisting of a silicone skin and polycarbonate exoskeleton.  It meets military specs as well, specifically MIL-STD-810F which is the designation for both vibration and drop protection.  The Aegis also comes with an optional, adhesive screen protector which you can apply if you’d like to.

The polycarbonate used with the Aegis is bio-enhanced, which means it’s going to hold up well to outside elements such as UV and other normal wear and tear a lot better than basic polycarbonate pieces.  The anti-skid design assists in grip and prevents your iPad Air from sliding off a table or other surface.

The Aegis also incorporates dust filters which prevent dirt and other sorts of grime from getting into your speaker grilles at the bottom of your iPad.  When not in use, there are also silicone plugs that fill up the power and audio ports to prevent much from seeping into them and potentially shorting them out.

Trident Cases are Made in the USA!

The Trident Aegis for the iPad Air is currently marked down for a limited time, so reserve yours today!


Best iPad Air Folio Cases

Kensington Comercio iPad Air Folio CaseKensington Comercio Soft Folio Case

In terms of giving you a nice, organized workspace while in use, this folio case from Kensington is one of the better “true-to-form” cases available.  It has a very professional look and is also available in a few different colors as well.  Colors include black, blue, grey, olive, eggplant, and red. If you’re hosting or attending conference calls, the stand allows the FaceTime camera to easily locate you.  The stand also allows for a good typing angle which is important for getting work and other tasks accomplished on the iPad Air if you’re using one of the apps which are part of the iWork suite.

The interior of the folio is very soft and will prevent your iPad Air from getting scratched, and the outside is designed with a rugged finish that will further absorb shock from setting it down on desks or placing it in your briefcase or travel bag.

There’s also a very strategically-located slot to keep your business cards for quick access when handing them out to new acquaintances or clients.

The Comercio is currently on sale for a limited time, and make sure you check out all of the colors which are available!

Incipio Watson Folio CaseIncipio Watson Folio Case

This is one of the more protective iPad Air folio cases, built with a rugged vegan leather exterior with a soft microsuede interior that combine to keep your tablet safe.  When in transit, there is an elastic band you pull around the cover and the rear to keep everything secure inside.  This is kind of like a hybrid folio case as well, which has a removable Plextonium snap-on shell that can be used by itself without the rest of the folio when you’d like to travel very light.  Options are always good and welcome.

On the inside of the flip cover, when you are using the whole folio, there are slots for business cards, credit cards, or even identification cards.  The combination of the folio and the Plextonium shell make this a very rugged folio case, and it still remains one of the thinnest cases despite its protective prowess.  The vegan leather is great for not only grip, but also shock dampening for drops.

The Watson is one of the best iPad Air folio cases because it’s the most modular one.  The combination of the portability it provides, the protection it offers, and its unique style make for an excellent combination.

There’s very few of these left in stock, so make sure you reserve yours as soon as possible!

Logitech Folio iPad Air CaseLogitech Folio Protective Case

Logitech’s iPad Air Folio Case is definitely the highest quality case out now, and it comes at a little bit of premium price because of it.  If you want the slickest-looking protection for your brand new tablet, this is a great pickup.  Logitech is a very renowned brand and their products are always top-notch.  The material used on this case is extremely lightweight yet still rugged.  It incorporates a SecureLock system to securely fasten your iPad Air inside with very little chance of it ever getting shaken out.

When you’re on the move, a very powerful magnet system keep the folio securely closed so it won’t accidentally open and expose your screen or tablet to the elements.  The folio also folds into a stand for easy content viewing, supporting multiple typing and viewing angles.  When the folio is shut, an auto sleep/wake magnet turns the screen off and turns it back on again when closing and shutting the lid.

These are currently available to order in Black and Orange/Blue!

The Best Designer iPad Air Sleeves

Coach iPad Air CaseCoach iPad Air Case (Sutton)

One of the best-looking Coach iPad Air Cases also comes at one of the most decent prices.  Coach’s Sutton sleeve is several shades of grey with the fashion designer’s print across the entire exterior of the case.  The hardware is all silvertone, including the zipper, track, and logo plate.  There is an exterior pocket as well as an interior pocket for holding extra charging cables and other small accessories.  There is also a tag on the zipper itself to make unzipping and zipping much more quick and painless.

Inside, the case is lined with a velvety smooth material that has a glistened dark grey color to it.  The sleeve is padded extremely well and will not only look great holding your iPad Air, but also protect it from most everyday accidents such as drops or placing it in a larger briefcase or travel bag with heavier objects.

Coach’s iPad Air Case is a great complement to your existing ensemble and will definitely turn heads whenever you pull it out.  The craftsmanship is great and the color coordination of it will perfectly accentuate the look and feel of your new iPad Air.  This case will also work for all other iPad tablets.

Here’s the best price we could find for this gorgeous sleeve!

Louis Vuitton iPad Air SleeveLouis Vuitton iPad Air Case

The DAMIER GRAPHITE is an iPad Air case from Louis Vuitton that looks absolutely stunning, and the price matches.  If you’re a collector of LV goods, this sleeve is an excellent pickup to complement your existing leatherware.  This case has a masculine style to it that will actually work well with both male and female styles.  The interior is lined with a very good microfiber lining that will prevent your iPad Air from getting scratched and scuffed up while it’s inside protected.

Louis Vuitton has also designed a small notch into the top of the sleeve that allows for easy access to your tablet, making it so you won’t have to squeeze your fingers into to grab your iPad Air.  The sleeve is also so thin and light that you can easily place it into your handbag or briefcase without it taking too much room.

This case also has very good, somewhat malleable molding throughout the case, giving you very good shock dampening and rigidity so that you know your iPad Air is safe inside.

Along the graphite exterior of this particular style is a checkerboard pattern with Louis Vuitton logos placed tastefully throughout the pattern.  It’s sure to get people wondering what it is that you have.

You can currently buy these directly from Louis Vuitton!

Gucci iPad Air CaseGucci iPad Air Case (Imprime)

Gucci’s iPad Air sleeve is a golden beauty, and it is sure to turn heads whenever you bring it out.  The sleeve includes a strep with a hook-and-loop closure at the top so it stays secure.  The exterior is lined with a champagne gold and Gucci print with extra material on the edges of the case which keep the sleeve in perfect form.  There is a very luxury feel to the exterior that has a very easy-to-grip texture.

The interior is lined with a smooth suede material that keeps your iPad Air from getting blemished while inside.  The darker brown color accentuates the champagne exterior great and there is stitching along the interior perimeter, ensuring that the sleeve is built to outlast your iPad Air.

The strap that holds your iPad Air in securely is a thick leather that shines brilliantly and matches the sleeve very effectively.

There’s a very limited amount of these left in stock, so order yours before they sell out!

Michael Kors iPad Air CaseMichael Kors iPad Air Case (MK Signature)

The Michael Kors iPad Air Sleeve is a great-looking sleeve that utilizes dual zipper hardware and features golden hardware and logoplate.  The case is crafted from a high quality polyvinyl material that is built for longevity and strength.  The interior is heavily padded and will keep your iPad Air safe in the event of a drop or other accident.

The dual zipper hardware is an excellent choice because it allows you to place them wherever you’d like and still have your sleeve closed.

The exterior features the MK Signature pattern which smothers the exterior and is colored to accentuate the golden look to the rest of the case.  On the bottom right corner is a very subtle Michael Kors branding which is a nice touch and something that could possibly go unnoticed by the unsuspecting eye.

These are available in two colors (Vanilla is pictured to the left), and the traditional darker colored variant is also available and on sale as well.

Go check out these cases in both colors today!

The Best iPad Air Screen Protectors

iPad Air invisibleSHIELDZAGG invisibleSHIELD

The iPad Air invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG is the top-of-the-line screen protectors, coming in three different options including Original protection, Smudge Proof protection, and High Definition protection.  Each variant has its own advantages which will ultimately keep your Retina display scratch-free and protected.  The invisibleSHIELD is one of the best because it’s made from a military grade film that’s also used to line helicopter blades.  It has healing properties that gradually fade away scratches that may occur on the surface of your protector.  Unlike other screen protectors, the film is extremely flexible and nearly indestructible.

The Original protection is the basic offering from ZAGG, which doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary besides protect your screen.  It’s easy to install and ZAGG has included a detailed guide and squeegee to assist in the installation process.

The Smudge Proof invisibleSHIELD for the iPad Air is covered with an oleophobic coating which helps prevent smudging and fingerprints from making your screen look nasty.  The film itself is identical to the Original invisibleSHIELD, so the protection is just as great with no trade-offs except it costs a little bit more.

The High Definition invisibleSHIELD has an enhanced surface using the Original invisibleSHIELD film.  The new surface allows for even better clarity so that colors are just as vivid and the brightness remains at non-protected levels.  The surface of this variant is also as smooth as glass, which will make sliding your fingers across your iPad Air nearly effortless.

ZAGG also offers a lifetime warranty on their invisibleSHIELDs!

You can pick your iPad Air invisibleSHIELD out and get it ordered directly from ZAGG!

SPIGEN GLAS.t iPad Air Glass Screen ProtectorSPIGEN GLAS.t Glass Screen Protector

The absolute best quality screen protector for the iPad Air is from SPIGEN, and instead of using a film, it’s made from actual tempered glass.  The main advantage of such a screen protector is that it feels exactly like the bare screen of your iPad Air so there is little to no friction when gliding your finger across the surface.  Since it’s made of glass, it also shares the same scratch resistance properties of real glass, being rated at up to a 9H hardness level on a scale of 10.  The GLAS.t also has an oleophobic coating which all but eliminates nasty smudging and finger grease from collecting on your screen and hurting visibility.

Installation of the GLAS.t is extremely easy, and much easier than a traditional screen protector because it’s solid and rigid.  The protector covers the entire front face of your iPad Air, including the bezels.  There is a circle cutout over the Home button of your tablet so you can still use it hassle-free.  It’s extremely rare that the glass breaks, but in the vent that it does, it’s shatter-resistant so there won’t be shards of glass to pick up or cause a danger to you or those in your household.

The visibility offered by this protector is just as good as no protector because of the glass.  This allows maximum brightness to shine through without any dulling that’s sometimes prevalent on other screen protectors.

There are currently a limited number of these available, so get your order in today!

iSmooth iPad Air Screen ProtectoriSmooth Screen Protector (2 Pack)

If you’re just looking for a basic screen protector for your iPad Air and don’t wish to break the bank, the iSmooth is the best low-cost option available today.  It’s not made from any fancy film, but it is definitely the best traditional screen protection you can get.  There’s a lot of properties to this protector that make it the best in its class, including an extremely simple installation, great customer service and warranty, included dust removal stickers, a microfiber cloth, and high quality Japanese PET film for excellent visibility and longevity.

It’s important to note that this package contains two screen protectors, so if you’re ever needing a replacement for whatever reason, you’ll have a backup screen protector ready to go.

The film is great because it’s one of the best at keeping bubbles from forming and also preventing rainbow effects from occurring, which you’ve probably seen with some low quality film.  If your iSmooth gets damaged or bubbles form, the company will gladly replace the film for you which is awesome and should take away a lot of the stress of putting these on yourself.

There are currently two variants of iSmooth available, the Ultra Premium HD edition and the Matte edition.  While the clarity of your screen and brightness will be best with the former, the Matte edition gives a softer textured finish that resists fingerprints and smudges.

These are currently on a huge sale and we’re not sure how long it’ll last, so check these out before it’s too late